What will you find in this blog?

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion! 

I have always had an eye for fashion and enjoy shopping. Some of my fashion icons are Twiggy, Coco Chanel, and Carrie Bradshaw. I do not think I have the best style, I believe everyone has their own style. I do not expect for you to dress like me, my purpose is to inspire you to find your own style that fits your lifestyle, your body shape, and your personality.

Beauty! and Makeup!

One of my new found hobbies is makeup, I call it a hobby because I do not do my makeup everyday. Usually, I do not have time before work to do my makeup, so I only do it occasionally on the weekend. When I do my makeup my husband knows it is my me time and he just lets me be, because I truly enjoy it and get lost in it. Hopefully, we can learn some makeup skills.

I hope I can inspire you today in some way, even if it is just to get out there and do what you love.